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All children who have previously attended Rio Terrace Community Pre-school (and their siblings) have first priority in the program and are eligible to register January 8 for the 2019 school year.  Children who are new to the program and live in the Rio Terrace, Patricia Heights and Quesnell Community are eligible to register January 29.  Out-of-area residents may register as of 6:00pm on February 13, 2019.  Children within these categories will be enrolled in the order that a completed Registration Application Form and all supporting documentation have been provided to the registrar.


A non-refundable $100 registration fee is charged when a child first registers.  Monthly fees are $110 for the Tuesday/Thursday programs, and $165 for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday  and the Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday programs in 2019/20 .  Post-dated cheques payable to the RIO TERRACE COMMUNITY PRESCHOOL must be submitted with the Registration Application.

Tuition payments may be made according to one of the following two options: · One cheque for the entire tuition amount (i.e. $1100 or $1650). · OR · Monthly tuition payments via automatic withdrawal through online banking for September 1 to June 1 (i.e. for $110 or $165 per month x 10 months).

Fees are payable in full, whether or not your child attends all the sessions.  Fees are not refunded for absences due to illness, holidays, or inclement weather.  N.S.F. cheques will be charged $17.00.  If the cheque is not replaced within one (1) school day, your child could lose her/his spot.

Withdrawal From Pre-School

One full calendar month’s written notice to the president of the preschool is required to withdraw from the preschool. A “Rio Terrace Community Preschool Withdrawal Form” must be filled out and submitted to the president.  If you withdraw part way through a month (i.e. January 15th) the next month’s full tuition will be cashed (i.e. February). There will be no refunds for partial months.  No refunds will be given after March 1, except in the case a child is moving out of town.

Rio Terrace Community Preschool Withdrawal Form

Community League Membership

As the Preschool is part of the Rio Terrace Community League and is covered under the Community League’s insurance policy, a current community league membership (from any Community League in Edmonton) is required.

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We were looking for a west Edmonton preschool when we discovered Rio Terrace. I can’t express how happy we are with the school, the teachers and the overall experience. My son loves going to school and is always excited to tell us about his day. Being able to spend the day in class with him on his “special day” was likely more of a treat for me than it was for him. First class experience all around!

Bruce R- Edmonton

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